Simon Furman

He’s back – SIMON FURMAN!

The one, the only Mr. Simon Furman will once again come to Sweden. He will join Jack Lawrence as guest of honour at RetCon2019.

Simon has been a driving voice behind Transformers since the early days. Ever heard of Primus, Impactor and Death’s Head? He invented them.

Some of his work include the original British Transformers comic, the original American Transformers comic, the Transformers Generation 2 comic, most of the Armada and Energon comics, the Regeneration One comic, the War Within mini-series, the inaugural IDW Generation 1 comics, as well as scripting the final episode on the Beast Wars TV-show.

RetCon2019 will also see the release of his seminal Matrix-quest story in a Swedish oversized hardcover from Ades Media.

Simon will be on site during RetCon for signing and conversation, he will also take part in a panel on-stage.