Tickets and Registration

Pre-registration for RetCon 2023 has now closed.
Ticket prices:
Age Price per person, NON-MEMBERS Price per person, MEMBERS OF CLUB RETCON
Age 12 and above: 300 SEK (ca. 27.00 EUR) 150 SEK (ca. 13.50 EUR)
One child below 12 in company of a paying adult: Free Free
Additional children below 12: 300 SEK (ca. 27.00 EUR) 150 SEK (ca. 13.50 EUR)
Pre-registration is open until 20 September 2023. After that date you can still attend the convention by paying at the door, provided that we are not fully booked before then.

Note: The main language of the convention is English. Depending on the number of younger children we may do some competitions in Swedish as well, but it’s too early to decide yet.

Please note: Cancellations can only be accepted until 28 July. After that date paid attendance fees will not be refunded, even if you can’t attend the convention (Members of Club RetCon will still receive their copy of the RetCon magazine however, if they pay the postage costs).

What if I didn’t register in advance?

Provided that we’re not fully booked before then (which could happen; we did sell out all tickets for RetCon 2019), you can also pay at the door when you show up at RetCon 2023. The prices will be the same as when you pre-register.