It is not a proper convention without opportunities to buy Transformers merchandise. As usual, RetCon 2022 will feature vendors with a wide array of figures, comics and other collectibles.

From the Vault/Martin Lund

Martin will be bringing lots and lots of vintage Generation 1 goodness, from parts to complete toys, boxes and cards – plus a whole lot of newer stuff as well, boxed and loose!


Heromic will once again have a plethora of figures at their table – ranging from War for Cybertron to Studio Series and Masterpiece (and hopefully some Legacy-figures as well). They will of course have a 10% convention discount on all figures. Check out what they have in store at


Teletoys is attending RetCon for the first time this year, with a large range of Transformers products, from Generation 1 to modern stuff. Check out what they have in store at

Jonathan Cetina

Jonathan Cetina will be bringing lots and lots of Transformers figures from 2000 and up to now – Transformers Prime, Transformers Robots in Disguise, Transformers Generations, etc. Both MISB and loose figures.

Johnny Jakobsson

Johnny will be bringing a plethora of different lines – Generations, Armada, Prime, Masterpiece as well as 3rd party.

Thomas Sjöström

Thomas Sjöström, who has done official TF-illustrations for Ades Media’s hardcovers of More Than Meets The Eye, will have a table with prints and original art at RetCon2022. He has also just opened up for commissions.

Malin Sasse

Malin Sasse, who has done the colours for some of the Swedish official TF-illustrations for Ades Media, will have a table with prints, pins, stickers, bookmarks and energon cubes at RetCon2022.

RetCon table

Finally, we will also have a ”RetCon table”, selling the collection of a Transformers fan that passed away recently. His family donated his whole collection, mainly made up of modern Takara Tomy figures, to RetCon. All earnings from this table will go to the Cancer foundation. Please, do not barter about the price at this table!