New hardcover: Jakten på Matrixen

RetCon will once again host the release of a Transformers hardcover edition, when Ades Media releases Simon Furman’s seminal G1-story, The Matrix Quest, in Swedish at RetCon2019.
It will be a 300 page oversized hardcover called Jakten på Matrixen, and will include:

  • Transformers US #60-67 (released in Sweden in Transformers 1/1990 through 6/1990)
  • Transformers UK #219-222, 228-233, 235-239, 241-242, 245-250 (never before released in Sweden)
  • Biographies

The price will be 350 SEK. As pre-registration for RetCon2019 has closed you can no longer pre-order the book from this site, but you can still order it directly from Ades Media.

Ades Media released its first Swedish Transformers hardcover, Wreckers Sista Strid (Last Stand of the Wreckers), by Nick Roche and James Roberts, at Retcon 2018.

A second Swedish Transformers hardcover, More Than Meets The Eye volume 1, was released during the first half of 2019. For more information on the book and how to order it, see Ades Media’s page on it.