Time for RetCon 2020!

On Saturday 26 September 2020 we open the doors to our fourth Transformers convention, at the hotel Good Morning+ in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Our programme isn't finalized yet, but we are working hard to bring you the best possible programme, with something for just about everyone. There will be a celebrity guest, toy vendors, quizzes, competitions, activities, panels, and a lot more!

We have two guests of honour this time: the voice actor Garry Chalk and the writer James Roberts, who will be on site for RetCon all of the main convention day, and will tell us about their work.

The convention is held at hotel Good Morning+ Helsingborg.

Some important details:

The primary language of the convention is English. Depending on the number of attending children we might do some events (competitions in particular) in Swedish as well, but at the moment we can't make any promises. Children under 12 years of age come in for free (one child for every adult in the group).

The currency used at the convention is Swedish kronor, SEK. We advise attendees to get their money exchanged before the convention, and dealers to convert their prices to SEK. There are a number of currency exchange stores in Helsingborg, some of which are open at least part of Saturday, but it's still a wise idea to get the money exchanged in advance.

We do not have the capacity to handle card payments at the convention; only cash is accepted. Some of the dealers can also accept the Swedish mobile payment system Swish, and/or PayPal.

Registration deadline:

16 September.

Registration couldn't be simpler. Just fill in the number of attendees in your party and their ages, then the price will be calculated automatically!
Attendees who are members of Club RetCon get a discount on the attendance fee; in that mark the checkbox 'I am a member', so the discount will be applied. You also have the option to become a member at the same time that you register for the convention.

1. Attendee details

Registration gives you to admittance to the convention during regular hours, a convention name badge, and a convention programme/magazine and other items given out as sponsored gifts to the attendees.

If you are a member of Club RetCon you get a 100 SEK discount on the attendance fee.
You can also register for membership at this time, when you register for the convention. Apart from the discount on the attendance fee it also entitles to discounts at and Ades Media, plus other benefits; read more here.

Please fill in the names of every person you want to register, as well as the ages of everyone under 18: (age is at the time of the convention)


Attendance, non-member 350 SEK (ca. 34.20 €)
Attendance, member 250 SEK (ca. 24.40 €)
One child below 12 in  
company of a paying adult  
Membership in Club RetCon
(Automatically gives the
discounted attendance fee)
200 SEK/år (ca. 19.55 €/year)
The membership fee is for the
period Oct 2019-Sept 2020

NOTE! The approximate euro prices are based on the exchange rates in February 2020.

Adults (18 and up): (one line per attendee)
Full name Username/nickname
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Membership of Club RetCon
Children below 18: (one line per attendee)
Full name Age Username/nickname
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E-mail address:

By clicking 'Submit registration', you allow us to store your details until the convention is over. Your and your party's names are stored for identification at the convention so that we can give you access, and your email address so that we can contact you regarding your payment or urgent convention updates. Your country, if provided, is stored for statistics.
If you order the hardcover collection, your name and email address will also be shared with the publisher Ades Media, for the same reasons.

Payment must reach us in 28 days.

We accept payments via bank, Swish or PayPal. Bank payments are only accepted from countries using the IBAN system (most European countries plus some countries outside Europe). Attendees from other countries will have to pay over PayPal, or with cash at the convention.

Please note: Cancellations can only be accepted until 23 July 2020. After that date paid attendance fees will not be refunded, even if you can’t attend the convention (Members of Club RetCon will still receive their copy of the RetCon magazine however, if they pay the postage costs).

After you have submitted your registration you will be presented with a page with payment instructions. If you want to pay directly via PayPal, there is a button for that option. The payment instructions will also be sent out in an e-mail receipt, together with information on how you book hotel rooms at discounted prices at hotel Good Morning+ Helsingborg.

Contact information like e-mail addresses or regular addresses will only be used for contact purposes and will not be relayed to anyone outside the RetCon 2020 organization committee.

If you experience any problems with this registration form, please contact the webmaster at