Mikael Polgary

Mikael will bring several hundred of figures to RetCon2018, mostly focusing on Generation 1. If you are interested in vintage Transformers you will surely find some great stuff at his table.

Daniel Magnusson

Daniel was one of the vendors for 2017 and will be back for 2018.

At RetCon2017 he had a wide arrange of different lines of Transformers with, as well as some other fun collectibles. We are looking forward to see what he will bring for next year.

Martin ”Fighbird” Lund

Martin keeps his unbroken streak of being a vendor at every Transformers convention that have taken place in the Nordic region. Just like past years he will bring hundreds of items from G1 to current lines – loose and boxed, parts and paperwork.

Nathalie Freij

A first time vendor for RetCon, Nathalie will be on site with a large selection of official and third-party products – ranging from G1 to Bayverse, from TFC to Fanstoys.

Johan Boström

Our own Johan Boström will bring a couple of hundred transformers figures, from G1 and up to Titans Return.

Toy Villain

In 2018 none other than Toy Villain will join the ranks at RetCon. Check out their table for vintage Scandinavian Transformers merchandise, G1 parts, instructions, VHS recorders/films, loose boxes and inserts, and much more.