Nick Roche

Thanks to a very welcome grant from Culture Ireland, we are able to bring back Nick Roche as a third guest to RetCon!

Nick has been a part of the IDW universe since the early years and has written, co-written and illustrated such smash hits as Last Stand of the Wreckers and Sins of the Wreckers.

The first of those two stories, Last Stand of the Wreckers (co-created by Nick Roche and our other guest, James Roberts), will actually be released in Swedish during the RetCon weekend, as an oversized hardcover edition published by Ades Media, so now you have the chance to meet both Nick and James and get your copy of “Wreckers sista strid” signed by both of them!
(Click here for information on how you can pre-order “Wreckers sista strid)

Nick Roche will also appear at ”Rum för Serier” in Malmö, Sweden, on 1 June (the day before RetCon), so you get not only one, but two chances to meet him! ”Rum för Serier” is a gallery operated by Seriefrämjandet (The Swedish Comics Association).