Martin ”Fighbird” Lund

Martin Lund toy vendor

Martin has been a mainstay at all past Nordic Transformers conventions and has been active in the Nordic fandom for 20 years, trading with collectors from all over the world. His stash features literally hundreds of items from G1 to current lines – loose and packaged, parts and paperwork – there is bound to be something interesting to be had for fans of all ages and eras.

Daniel Magnusson

Daniel will bring several hundred figures, both Transformers and other toylines. His focus regarding transformers is the Unicron trilogy but he also has Beast Wars figures, Movie figures, G1 and so on.

Johan Boström

Our own Johan Boström will bring a couple of hundred transformers figures, from G1 and up to Titans Return.

Colin Frith

Colin Frith, more known as Specimen-17, will bring a main bulk of those sweet G1 and G2 goodies, along with other bits and pieces to cater to the needs of every Transformers fan out there! And we’re not talking loose, broken, or incomplete toys here. We’re talking minty fresh, complete, top quality figures; many still boxed and sealed! If you’re into G1, G2, variants, etc. you’ll have a field day!